Time To Forget "The Good Old Days"

Fight for the future

Remember the good old days?

The good old days of childhood Maybe it was when you were very young. Memories of childhood and innocence. Maybe it was just a few years ago and your job or business was more successful and less stressful. Maybe is was a few months ago when "Adsense was easy."

It is easy to tell when someone is thinking about the good old days.

Often sentences start with statements like:

"I wish I still…"


"Remember when…"

Often, thoughts of the good old days are melancholy.

Maybe filled with regret. Often, I am feeling somewhat discouraged or depressed when I think about the good old days. Often, we are wishing the present was more like the past. We spend time reliving the past.

For me, I am usually wishing my father were still alive.

I was fortunate to have a great relationship with my dad. He was also my boss in our family business. I relied on him for many things. Too many.

On of my favorite TV programs was the X-Files.

Yet, when I watch it, I can find myself getting depressed. My dad had his fight with cancer at the same time Scully, one of the main characters, was fighting cancer. The terminology and experiences are too close for comfort. I soon find myself wishing for the good old days when my father was still alive.

Wishing for the good old days is a mistake.

There is nothing I can do about the past. I can neither change it or relive it. Most likely, it really was not quite as good as you remember it.

We have so much to live for now, in the present.

I now have a wonderful wife. Why spend time wishing about past memories when I can create new ones with her. Why live in the past when you can enjoy the present and make your future even better.

Life has ups and downs – so does business.

Enjoy what you have now. Do not let overly fond memories of the past eclipse it. Start building a better future.

The future is now!

And the best is yet to come!