Start Your Day Really Right!

That old positive thinking stuff and why it is important

Liz Strauss had a great post about facing the morning.

It reminded me of a story that happened to my wife a few years ago. You may want to check out Liz’s post also. She always has something positive on her blog.

You have a whole new day to think of something.

It’s your life and the coolest part is tomorrow will be a whole new day all over again.

Source: A Whole New Day – Liz Strauss at Successful Blog – Thinking, writing, business ideas . . . You’re only a stranger once.

Starting Each New Day – My Wife’s Story

A few years ago at New Year’s, My wife said something to someone.

My wife (who is Chinese) wished a Chinese New Year wish to the person. "New Year, New Hope."

You would think that would be met with at the very least a "thank you" or something along that line.

Instead, she was verbally attacked. How dare she say such a thing! Not only that, but she was told it was not Christian to say that. The person went further to make several racial-religious remarks about the Chinese and her.

You could never be more wrong!

First, my wife is a Christian. As just shown, she is often more Christian than some who outwardly claim to be. She is just more likely to act as Christian should herself than tell someone else how to act like a Christian.

Second, her attitude was right.

The future is now In fact, the Chinese wish "New Year, New Hope" is a very conservative form of what Christians are supposed to be thinking.

You do not need Christianity to realize that a positive outlook is important!

Liz hit it right on the head in her post. Each day is new. We can look at each day as a new start.

In fact, for Christians, that is what we are supposed to do.

The Bible says God’s mercies are new every morning. You can check out Lamentations chapter three yourself if you want to see if I am right. Lamentations is not the most positive book in the Bible and if God points out a positive thought there, can there be any doubt that He wants us to be positive each morning?

Positive thinking is important in business.

Positive thinking is just as important in making money online as it is in an offline business. You make the greatest post on your blog ever and only 3 people read it in the first month. Are you going to let that get to you? You find the perfect keyword and niche and design a whole site around it only to find out there was a flaw in the keyword research data and there is no traffic for it. Are you going to quit? You make 10 lead calls and the only one that answers claims they never asked for any information. What do you do?

New Day, New Hope!

Good words to live by, even if it is my paraphrase. But don’t wait for a new day, start right now! Don’t wait even an hour. Your future starts now.

It really is a new day!

The time is now to move forward. Forget the past. It won’t matter anyways if you work now to change your future.