Spam: I’ve heard about it – now I finally get a taste has finally hit the big time

Akismet blocked the first spam to hit this blog. I have heard that there has been a bit extra spam going around lately.

Anyway it was blocked by the anti-spam plug in

Auto insurance was what was being spamed. There should be some kind of way to tell companies that do this kind of thing that it does not put their company in a good light. I wonder if they just hired someone to advertise with that just does this without really telling the client this is what they do.

I was at a web page for a company that claimed to get x1000’s of visitors to your site – then I read the fine print

They used pop-ups and pop-unders as a page from your site. They counted each instance of this as a visit to your site.

I thought that all died out with that x10 camera pop-up

Who in the world bought those things from a pop-up anyway? Oh look! A page popped up without me asking for it! Maybe I should buy what they are selling! I have no real use for a cheap video camera anyway.