Recent Comments – Important or Not?

I recently read a post about the added benefits of recent comments on a blog.

You can take a look at it here.
The Entrepreneurial Blog of Oli, Dave & Burt : Recent Comments on WP blogs By showing the recent comments, other readers of your blog can home in directly on the latest updated topics. Allowing them to reply (or just read what other are saying).

It is funny that he posted this at just this time

Burt mentioned that he always tried to answer comments.

Answering comments has been something I have always tried to do – until this week. I have been stumped. Once on this blog. I have been stumped for nearly the opposite reason on another blog of mine.
On this blog, I received a short, but very much appreciated comment from a blogger that I very much respect for his writing. I put off an answer just because I was not sure what to say. I finally decided to just say thanks.
On the other blog, the comments were not necessarily aimed at me but at the subject of the post (Coke rebates). I have has several comments all of which are nearly the same. They are somewhat negative comments (kinda like "I sent my rebate in a month ago and have not gotten it back yet"). I just do not know what to say without repeating myself (I think it is going to be a few months before you can expect them back) besides, I do not work for Coca-Cola. Still every time I see that comment there unanswered, it seems to be asking for an answer.
Anyway,  I think I have an answer now.

Burt also mentioned that he felt a recent comment plugin was important and would add readership to the blog.

I admit, when recent comments are posted it is something I often read on other blogs. I like to see what others are finding interesting on the blog. It is also fun to read.
While reading Burt’s post, I could not remember if I had put recent comment up or not.
I was relieved to see I had (not sure why it was a relief – no big deal to put it on if it was not). I not like the job it was doing though. So I changed to another recent comments plugin. This one lists the comment author and the post commented on, not just the post.

Do you read the recent comments when you read a blog? How about comments on a post?