My first post

How to generate an income on the internet?

Several years ago, I came across the Google Cash system. I shared a couple emails with Chris Carpenter the author but I did not purchase his system at that time. I did like his idea. I think it may be a good one, but I was busy with other things.

For the first time though, I thought about the internet as something you could make a little money on.

I had previously not ever really considered the possility to generate income on the internet (unless I wanted to spend my life in line at UPS sending packages from an online store or Ebay). Maybe I should have invested in Google at the time?

I realize it will be a while before anyone finds this blog but I hope others will be willing to discuss the many different ways to make an income on the web.

I don’t mean to limit this blog (at least for now) to any particular subject. In fact we can go with just about any comments you care to leave.