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  1. I am glad you wrote this post the way that you did. I know what it feels like to believe in something and it not work LOL. Persistence shall prevail, and with that attitude we can accomplish our goals in life. I am glad you got the ads to working. I hope you did not do any damage to the key board LOL. I keep a spare one at all times.

  2. Ok, this comment is more of a critique…well actually that’s exactly what it is. When reading some of your posts, this one included, I was distracted not by the content, but at the large amount of white-space between paragraphs. I have to scroll down a long way to be able to read the entire post.

    About the post, I always say to myself, “This to shall pass.”

  3. Thanks Jeremy,
    A recent change in theme and using Windows Live Write are probably responsible for the extra space. It may take a bit of time for me to figure out the best way to fix it but I will take your advice (eventually).
    A critique like this is always welcome!

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