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  1. I like this post, although it took me a while to read it lol, but I understand what can cause you to right this. The good thing about blogging and trying to make money online is you have so many resources to learn from and to fail from, it is all in your hands. You can even choose to do research after research to find what works for you. John Chow did that. Although I do not agree entirely on everything that he writes, I do respect him for what he has done, he has made money. And he has showed a lot of us ways that we can also.

  2. superb. I couldn’t agree with you more. Celebrate others’ success and you’ll find your own success. Jealousy is a seductress to walk away from!

    And regarding the length. Your subheads made this nice and easy to read! Excellent job!

    wishing you success!

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