How To Fail Miserably And Never Make Money On The Internet

Why many people will never succeed at life

A comment on John Chow’s blog revealed to me why some extremely talented people can fail so miserably and never make money on the Internet.

In fact, people that share this same trait will fail miserably at life.

They will never be successful.  Any fame or success they do gain, will disappear quickly.  It is a trait, that curses oneself.  A curse that can last a lifetime if they let it.

There are several bad ways to make money online or anywhere else in life.

One bad way to make money on the Internet is to sell an overpriced product that does not deliver what you promise. Sometimes it is even unintentional, for some reason the product fails.  It could be an ad campaign that seems to promise something but that few people will actually receive.

A somewhat more evil way to make money on the Internet, and again, elsewhere in life, is to steal it or rip people off intentionally. In this case, there is no product or service.  The people who do this just take the money and run.  This is stealing.  It’s bad, but there are worse things.

There is an extremely fine line between stealing and stealing in a way that harms.  These are the people that knowingly con senior citizens out of their life savings.  They’re not just trying to take the easy way to get money, they don’t care if anyone gets hurt in the process.  It’s the difference between a thief that breaks in while no one is home, and armed robbery.

But the commenter on John Chow’s blog represented something far worse.

I believe what he represents is responsible for entire civilizations failing.  I think it is responsible for the failures in entire sections of our society.  It has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and yet it is equally a curse to the perpetrators.

The evil I am talking about is a self-righteous hatred that seeks to destroy others.

Sometimes this destruction is done with the thought of profiting by it, but primarily this destruction simply to destroy.  To bring  someone who has been successful down to their own level.  Jealousy may be a motive or it may just be a catalyst for the hatred.

Those who’ve succumbed to this evil see the success of others as something that must be destroyed.

They do not seek to become successful or bring themselves up to the same level, but to bring the rest of the world down to theirs.  The satisfaction gained through this destruction is so fleeting, that soon more destruction is desired.

My wife is an incredibly diligent worker.

Anyone who knows her, marvels at the dedication and thoroughness she has for any task that she starts.  She has a coworker who is rarely at her desk.  This coworker seems to be going out of her way to make life difficult for my wife.  To the point it seems, that she is even sabotaging my wife’s work to try and make my wife look bad.  It has only made the coworker look bad.  Many people in the office have had similar treatment from this person, so there is no question about what is going on.  Still, it makes work miserable for my wife.

Political leaders all around the world often fan this evil for their own personal gain.

They tell people the reason for their unhappiness is because others have succeeded at their cost.  That those who’ve been successful have stolen all that is good in life from them and if they just give their support or vote for a politician or political leader it will be set straight.  They will redistribute the wealth that must have been taken by the grief of others and make everybody miserable.  Well, they don’t say they will make everybody miserable, but that is the result.

It is so easy to become jealous of those that have been successful.

To start thinking that they don’t deserve success.  To let jealousy turn into a self-righteous hatred.  To blame others who are successful for your failure.

A self-righteous destruction of another’s success profits nobody. There are whole sections of society that seek to blame others instead of attempting success themselves.  They see success as something that has been stolen from them.  They see anyone or anything that has been successful as something that must be destroyed before they can achieve happiness.

It is easy to get on the bandwagon for destruction.

It is often promoted as Justice.  That the successful person is just getting what’s coming to them.  Once consumed by this self-righteous hatred, a person loudly proclaims the reason for his campaign of destruction.  Others, will join in, as it feels like they are sticking up for the little guy and his just cause.  But once truly scrutinized, the logic for the self-righteousness fails.

Here’s the comment from John Chow’s blog that provoked my thoughts:

You came from nowhere and now you think you are a [expletive] seo guru?Watch out man!I see a big problem coming your way.Maybe you should take a look here:

And you know what?You have nothing new to say on your blog!


The commenter pointed to a post on a forum where a hacker was threatening to hack several SEO blogs.  The comment was a paraphrase of the threat towards John Chow on the forum so not sure if it was the hacker himself that made the comment on the blog or someone else.  Several of the blogs listed on the forum were indeed hacked, but the thread was nearly 3 months old.

The reason that John Chow should worry?

He came from nowhere.  Yep, that’s John Chow’s great sin.  He came from nowhere.  Now, there is a reason to hack somebody’s website if I ever herd one.  He has had some success, so he must be destroyed.

John Chow has never claimed to be an SEO guru.

He has simply shared his knowledge with others.  He didn’t even put it in an e-book.  In fact, I believe that John Chow has given most of the money from his blog to charity.  So who will suffer from the destruction of John Chow’s blog?  Everyone.  Sounds like a winning strategy to me.  Why, would anyone think this is something to support, that this would be a worthy goal?  Where is the logic?

It is very easy to fall for this madness.  Let me use another example.  Recently, an e-book was released.  It was another one of those expensive e-books claiming to hold the secrets to riches and Internet marketing.  It never got good reviews from anyone.  It has been widely discussed that it contained no new information.  That it was worthless.

The author of a blog has started his own holy war against e-book guru’s.

It is easy to agree with him.  If you are into Internet marketing, no doubt your inbox gets flooded weekly with the latest expensive solution that will make you millions overnight on the Internet.  It is easy to agree with him and say they charge too much.  That most of the time you can find the same information on forums or searching the Internet.

While this blogger had originally threatened to start buying e-books and making them available to the public on his site, this time he chose to just link to others that had it available for download.  In fact, he listed several other e-books that he planned to to destroy similarly.  Is this really the best way to handle the situation?  Is selling an e-book such a serious crime that it warrants the destruction of a business? Even if it is overpriced?

It’s easy to hate e-book guru’s.

It would be easy to decide to just go download the e-book for free to see how terrible it actually is.  It’s easy to agree with the blogger and encourage him in his self-righteous holy war.  But that’s not the right thing to do, it’s stealing, even if the book is a rip off.

I am all for honest criticism.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an e-book, a car, a business, or even a country. If something is not what it claims to be, it is right to warn people from making a bad investment. But if it is truly worthless, than there is no need to distribute it without paying the author.

Hey, if you really think people need the information, write your own book.

Detail the steps you follow that are needed. Tell us all how it should be done. Then give it away. No one should be charging for this information, right? No need to pay for the time it takes you to do it. It is your right to give away your own work.

Now, I want to say here that you do not need to buy an e-book to make money on the Internet.

There is very little information about how to make money online that you cannot find on websites, blogs, or forums.  I also think, that buying e-book after e-book is a recipe for disaster.  While an e-book can save you time and give you a plan of action, if you keep buying the latest new secret to come out you will never make money online.

Even more importantly, if you are constantly blaming others for your lack of success you’ll never be successful.  This type of self-righteous hatred will only bring more destruction and misery.

The commenter from John Chow’s blog I quoted above will never be successful or make money online.

Anyone that demonizes success by others only demonizes their own possible success. Their success only makes them guilty of the same crimes. Which is sad, because they waste the talents they could use to make their own fortunes destroying others.

If you try to get to the same level as others by bring them down, you will still end up short.

P.S. My apology to the true hackers that do not seek to destroy but to understand and improve. The truly great hackers are never noticed.