How I Screwed Up My Blog


What I Would Do Different If I Started Over

Darren Rowse at has another of his group blogging projects.

While he has been off for the birth of his new son he has had several other bloggers do a series of articles on what they would do different if they were to start over. What would I do different if I started over? Here are five things I would do different.

First, I would choose a different domain name. I choose a somewhat generic domain name.

I had been thinking of using subdomains for other websites. While I may still do this, I would have been much better off with a better name for the domain. I am not sure using my domain name for the title of the blog was a great idea either.

Second, I would have chosen a host that let me add more domains to the account.

While Lunar Pages has not been terrible, I needed to get another host or account when it came time to start some other projects. None of these are using much in the way of resources so it is something of a waste. When you start out, look for a host that will let you add several extra domains at no charge. It is not hard to move a domain to another account or host when it develops enough traffic to need it.

Third, I would have thought more about the niche.

I was originally thinking this blog would follow my attempts at developing websites and internet marketing. I have not done too much blogging about my sites lately. I also wanted to review some of the eBooks and things out there aimed at those running businesses on the internet. I do not like to review things I have not read and I do not have the time and money to read even a small part of the stuff out there. Nothing wrong with blogging about what I have been doing with the sites but I am not sure about all the other stuff. Hey, I’m new at this, ok? Also, whatever niche this blog seems to be, it has not made much monetarily. While I never really expected this blog to make much, last week it actually got its first Adsense click.

Fourth, I would make sure I start with a theme that is search engine friendly.

The WordPress theme I started with looked great. But when I saw what it gave for the page descriptions in Google, I knew it was not working. I have been pretty happy with the way this one works. I may have gotten a better start if the theme worked a better. I had no idea it had not been working till after Google finally indexed some pages.

Fifth, I would blog more.

I say this almost every time Darren has one of there blogging projects. While I do not think you need to blog every day, I do not think I do it often enough. I know it would help my Google rankings. I know it would help my traffic. I simply do not have the time.

A sixth thing I would do different?

I wish I were doing more to get additional traffic (besides blogging more).

There are the five things I would change if I were to start over. Maybe they have not screwed up the blog, but if I knew then what I know now…