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  1. Akismet doesn’t “know” until someone marks the spam comment as spam. It learns from our efforts to put a stop to comment spam.

    Comment spammers aren’t necessarily targeting WordPress blogs, they are spamming everyone, including those on WordPress. It’s an equal opportunity attack. 😀 Don’t feel special.

    Nofollow doesn’t work. Never did. Never will. So spammers don’t care about it. In fact, there is little anyone does that comment spammers care about. They just figure out how to beat it, like they have with CAPTCHAs and quiz torture tests (can you add 6+1?). Akismet, as you’ve figured out, is great, but I highly recommend that self-hosted sites also use Bad Behavior and Spam Karma as backups. Just in case.

    Glad it’s working for you. It is working for millions, all working together to cut out comment spam from seeing the light. Hopefully, someday, we’ll have the courage to put them out of business, not just in darkness.

  2. Thanks Lorelle,
    I’ve used SK for the past few months in addition to Akismet. Akismet is a fantastic resource and gets nearly all the spam.
    In fact, Akismet has caught nearly 50,000 spam comments here since this post.

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