Ok – This Is Really The Most Important Post Ever Here

I am finally ready to announce my new blog. Online IT Guide is my new blog. It is computer advice and blogging for people who have a life. I'll be sharing computer advice to help with everyday … [Read more...]

New Host

For the first time, this site has a new host. Frequent visitors will notice that the previous web hosting banner disappeared and was recently replaced by the HostGator banner. To be honest, the old … [Read more...]

100 Spam Comments And Then A Slip

Akismet-100 Spam-1 Sunday, this blog hit the century mark in spam. Amazingly, all 100 were stopped by Akismet. It did not miss a single one. Then it got caught, the 101st spam, a trackback spam got … [Read more...]

What does ambatchdotcom seocontest mean?

I do not really know what  ambatchdotcom seocontest means. I came across  this at Yaro's Forums from Entrepreneur's Journey. I have not even really read through it all but it looks … [Read more...]

Have You Updated To WordPress 2.04 Yet?

My update seems to have worked without any problems. I have one more blog to go. My Guide to the X-Files DVD's. This was mostly a security and bug update. It would probably be a real good idea to … [Read more...]

More On Language Translation For Websites

Here is an article of language translation for websites and blogs. I have found that the Translation Gold software has been getting results from the various langauge Goolge engines. You can read my … [Read more...]

How To Add Unique Content To Your Your Website Instantly With Translation Gold

Translation Gold will instantly multiply your current content by adding a translation into seven additional languages. Instantly, you have additional unique content. You have a reach into markets … [Read more...]

Adding Adsense Ads to a Semiologic Theme – Part Two

Ok, so you have the plugins from part one, right? If not, you can check part one of this guide for the links to the plugins I use to add Google Adsense to the Semiologic (Semilogic) Theme for … [Read more...]

Adding Adsense Ads to a Semiologic Theme – Part One

How I add Google Adsense to the Semilogic Theme It is not difficult to ad Adsense ads to a WordPress Blog.  For those that are at ease modifying code and that understand PHP, this article is … [Read more...]

How to Increase a Blog’s Page Views

Darren Rowse had an article on www.problogger.net on increasing page views. I found it had several good ideas (most of his posts are good). One I think I will be adding is search to this blog. Look … [Read more...]