Ok – This Is Really The Most Important Post Ever Here

I am finally ready to announce my new blog. Online IT Guide is my new blog. It is computer advice and blogging for people who have a life. I'll be sharing computer advice to help with everyday … [Read more...]

The Pacific Mall Toronoto Plus Video

A second video blog about our vacation in Toronto The Pacific  Mall Toronto, Ontario One of my favorite places to go in Toronto is the Pacific Mall. It's just different. The Pacific Mall is … [Read more...]

Bad Business Practice Bayshore Towncenter Mall Glendale, WI

If you want to attract business don't hassle customers. Bayshore Town Center Mall, Glendale WI, if a customer is … [Read more...]

Why I Want To Be Self-Employed

There are lots of reasons for wanting to work from home or make money online. One of my main personal reasons for wanting to be self-employed is from an incident that is very personal to me. Something … [Read more...]

Are You Investing Enough In Your Business?

No matter what you do, you have some investment in business. Are you investing smartly? I wrote this post after having someone literally hang up on me as I mentioned that there would be a financial … [Read more...]

I Am Free! I’m Ffrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!

Well, almost! Friday was the last official day in my full time business (the portrait studio). I am now completely self-employed. Or, to put it another way, unemployed. :) … [Read more...]

The iPhone: Great Marketing or Antitrust

This is something I have been wondering since the iPhone was released. Is Apple's practice of only allowing iPhone use with AT&T against antitrust laws? I do not own an iPhone. I would like to, … [Read more...]

How To Get People To Support Your Cause

Or at least make it look like they do. I was already having "one of those" afternoons. I was going to make a few call before I left to pick my wife up at work. At that point, the world … [Read more...]

What Is The Most Important Question You Need To Ask A Potential Customer?

Liz Strauss had another great article about sales on her blog. Basically she pointed out that people like to make their own decisions for themselves. They don't like to be told or talked to, but … [Read more...]

Three Important Things To Remember When A Client Costs You Money

It's all in how you let go I had one of the most annoying things happen with a client recently - the kind of thing that makes you want to scream. One of my full time businesses is a service … [Read more...]