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  1. I know that I haven’t been to many places, but my favorite malls were the Navy Pier in Chicago and the outdoor mall in San Antonio (just outside their Six Flags park). I always like to see the small entreprenuer have a chance and these smaller cubicles probably keep the rent low.

    • @Chicago Mattress: It is very different from any mall I have seen in the US. There is a huge number of very small stores. It is completely unlike Chicago’s Chinatown. It is also unlike Gurnee Mills.
      It is not large chain stores, but small mom-and-pop type businesses.

  2. Great place to shop. I was once there and got myself browsing some food stuffs on some stores located there. I love the chinese menu they have. I just love window shopping and got to know some friendly attendants that is very accommodating too.

  3. I remember visiting this mall when I was on a trip to Toronto with my high school Vocal Jazz group! It was a cool mall, and it was very interesting to see the differences and similarities it has to L.A. malls.

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