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  1. This is definitely anti-trust. Germany has already told Apple to make the iphone available to all carriers. It’s too bad that every country in which Apple wants to sell iphones will have to take them to court in order to make them behave responsibly and ethicly.
    I’d boycott Apple but I love my imac too much.

  2. I can’t justify buying an iphone either. Honestly, I’m not a phone buff to the point where I need a phone to do all sorts of things for me. A small, simple flip phone is probably the best for me. I’ve played around with an iPhone and it’s honestly too big for me.

  3. I don’t think its an anti-trust..AT&T’s 3G network is incompatible with other carriers networks an vice versa. For example.. Should I sue the manufacturer of my car because it won’t run on diesel?

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