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  1. Before i was really dissapointed when i took pictures and when i have it develop, the pic is exposed or not so good so it gets me dissapointed. Now when i take pictures, i see it rightaway and have it retouched if there’s flaws.

  2. I think you made the right choice even if it was not your first choice. I think framing and portaits have a better profit and to pay for machines would have lowered your profits for years to come. Reminds me of auto repair and computers. People paid thousands of dollars and had to upgrade machines. They found out it cost more to keep up with new computers for cars than they where making. Printer ink refills are going same way drug stores are taking over.

  3. I think your right Leon, us photographers have become more and more like programmers now, but so much of everyones jobs have gone this same way.
    Before the advent of digital photography, I would never photograph weddings because a lab could always ruin your film during processing and there was never any way of preventing this from happening, I considered it too much of a risk. But now most of my work is as a wedding photographer and I only have to trust my self to ensure that all the shots are kept in good and safe order.
    I do seem to spend too much time on my PC though!

    jonnyphotos last blog post..Family Portraits of Emma and Co.

  4. It is amazing how quickly technology has taken over. It is exciting. With the ability to share photos over the internet and almost everyone carrying around a camera on a phone, we now capture almost every moment. With programs like photoshop you can never believe what you see though. Changing or editing photos is so easy, in the old days it was left to those in the labs, but now it can be done by anyone with a computer!

    • Gry, the nice thing about digital cameras is that it is free to practice all you want. Back in the day, it would cost you $6 – $20 to find out if you were even getting your exposure right. I probably shot tens of thousands of frames without film in the camera just to develop my focusing technique (a technique that still works better than any autofocus in some situations-but needs a bit brushing up). Now I could actually see if the shots would have been in focus. Enjoy your camera.

  5. Photography is amazing now, the things you can do on a computer with such programs as paint shop pro, photoshop, Even mobile phones have camera’s build into them. Now days most people have a camera either a digital camera, a mobile phone with a built in camera. it’s just great.

  6. Technology is slowly changing each and every Industry and change is the essence of nature. If our business always remain in a static environment, there’ll be no fun in running it. The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to keep educating yourself each and every day about what’s happening in your Industry, how new devices can help you in your business. There are many people who simply refuse to change, then we see that they don’t remain in the market anymore.

  7. The digital camera industry is in serious trouble, with smart phones and tablets getting better and better at camera quality and resolution. I can see a time soon when camera demand for casual/recreational photographers drops significantly. High end cameras will be a niche in the future, with 5-10 MP models commonplace in personal portable “smart” devices.

  8. Yea, 100% agree with you. As a professional photographer, I could feel the resolution and clarity in nowadays digital cameras. For those who even experiences photography as their past time could feel that. Is it not? It has been proven from your post that how photography changed your life style and helped upgrading your financial status. Thanks to the digital cameras and photographers!

  9. The open air photo booth provides an unnoticed and overlooked advantage of extra quality that comes with having more space. This photo booth offers the ability to get the right light source a little bit off to the side that creates a 3D look and feel into the images. This can be achieved by just placing the main flash off the axis that causes all the faces in a snapshot to be lighted, with steady shading off from one side to the other of the face, giving a complete three-dimensional feel.

  10. Hi James sir,

    I search for google how to the How the business has changed with photography and i see your site i like your post for photography it is very informative for me.But the issue of offering a CD with the images on as opposed to offering reprints has to be balanced.thanks for the post pls sent me more information in my email


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