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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I broke free a few years ago when I started my home based business. Keep us updated on how it goes. You can make alot of money from home and you get to be your own boss and stay in your pajamas all day.

  2. Business is like gambling. It has 2 faces its either you win or lose. Whether you win or lose the most important thing is you tried hard to do your best.

  3. Thank you all for your comments here.

    Paulette – You hit it right on the head. The reason we are closing the studio is because we lost track of some details a while ago which put us in a position where we had to close after about 23 years.

    lei – Business is very different from gambling. It is not just luck if you are successful in any business. It is also usually more than bad luck (although that can be a part) that will make you unsuccessful. I do understand you point and it does feel that way at times.

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