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  1. There is no date on the Cell Phone information above. Is this the 2004 information or is it more recent? It’s kind of important to know . . . ya know?

    Blessings and thanks for your website – chuck

  2. Odd you should ask that question today. I’ve been getting some telemarketers the past few weeks on my cell phone.
    The FCC still claims that nearly all telemarketing to cell phones is illegal. You cannot use automated calling to telemarket to cell phones.(notice the period) You do not need to sign up your cell phone number for the no-call registry and the FCC web site makes this very clear. You can also file a complaint at the FTC website as well as the FCC as the FTC has rules against this too. I filed a complaint today with the FTC. I may file another with the FCC.
    I suspect that much of this type of telemarketing is not based in the US anymore so it may be hard for the US government to enforce sometimes, but often the product or service is still US based and still subject to the regulations. In this case, it would still do you no good to be on a no-call list anyway.

    Then only way this can be profitable to these companies is the small percentage of people that would actually buy the product from a telemarketer. I’m not sure what makes these people think a company is legit just because they call your phone.

    Nope, you do not need to sign up for list for your cell phone. There is no current reason to in the future either. Of course, there is a bunch of air heads in office now that couldn’t seem to care less about taxpayers and citizens and our rights as long as they can stay in office and decide what they think is good for the rest of us while they exclude themselves.

  3. I suspect that much of this type of telemarketing is not based in the US anymore so it may be hard for the US government to enforce sometimes, but often the product or service is still US based and still subject to the regulations.

  4. thats crazy, they actually argued with her. I believe that complain to the FCC does not equate to much. I feel as though frustration is all you are going to get, with Telemarketing companies there are no physical being to vent your anger upon.

  5. ok, I got a call today from an unknown number that hunb up on me and looked it up (sometimes i’m afraid its juts a computer trying to find out who actually answers unknown numbers), the google result took me to a page where they were selling something. i wonder if some people have machines calling people with no phone message but just to get people to google a number that they’ve already optimized in the search engines? kind of underhanded, yet brilliant.

  6. Cameron- You’re not far off.
    There is technology that will call numbers and only leave messages on voice mail. Otherwise, it hangs up. The FCC allows this to be used only during certain hours of the day, but I still think it is dumb to allow it.
    Out of country companies do the calling so there is no way of knowing where the call originates- if you answer you get a hang up, if you don’t it leaves a voice mail.
    This is still illegal to cell phones.
    NO AUTOMATED telemarketing is allowed to cell phone numbers (with a few common sense exception like you recently did business with the company).
    ..and no, you do not need to be on a no-call list for your cell phone.

  7. True I have found that even being on a no call list doesn’t even help. I was phoned by the same company about three times yesterday by different callers despite my number being on a no call list. Some companies don’t care and its frustrating.

  8. Not here in the US Alan.
    No automated calling to cell phones. BTW, both the FTC and FCC have regulations covering these abuses. I have filed complaints with both agencies within the last year about telemarketers.

  9. In the UK, telemarketing to mobiles (cell phones) is allowed if they are not on the TPS (our version of the DNC)

    Most companies will not make cold calls to mobiles, due to the relatively high cost, and because you cannot tell where the recipients is – possible safety implications if they are dirving.

    In your case, the telemarketers may NOT have been using a predictive dialler, keeping within the letter of the law – however, in both the UK and US once you ask not to be called that is it.

    Most decent companies and outsourced telemarketing firms will comply with a remove request, as they do not want to waste time and resources calling again – but there are always a few mavericks out there!
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..Christmas e-Cards – Charity Donation =-.

    • @Jonathan: Nearly all telemarketers use automated dialing-making it illegal for them to call cell phones in the US. No recorded messages allowed either, at all. Most overseas outsourcing is using VOIP, which nearly always means computer aided also.
      In the US, it does not cost any more to call a cell phone than a regular line, the cell phone owner effectively pays for the call. This is different than in Europe where the caller pays to call a cell phone. It is the same with SMS here.
      Both the FTC and FCC have regulations about calling cell phones here. Nearly all the telemarketing calls to cell phones I have gotten are illegal ones.
      I have gotten 2 this week. This will probably be another post soon.

  10. Ya, its mostly happens with us that when we are in meeting that time we get call from such marketer and our irritation level automatically get increases…so may i know is there any solution to stop this non sense kind of services….

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