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  1. Legally he cannot stop you from taking photographs. The only thing they can stop you from is selling them. I have spent many years dealing with stopping people from taking photos of accident scenes and fires. And the only authority I had as a Incident Commander is to make them stay a certain distance away.

    If you have to pay to enter the place, then they can not allow you to take a camera. But if it is a public place, and there is no charge to enter, then they should not be able to stop you from taking photo’s.

  2. I know the legal aspects. Even if I were going to use the photo in court in a suit against them, they would have to let me take a photo.
    The real question is, should a business that wants to bring in people even question someone taking a tourist type photo?

  3. The security guard was just doing what he was TRAINED to do, give the guy a break. If that is their “rule” then abide by it. Just like “no running in the mall” is a rule. should they have signs for everything? Some people make a big deal out of nothing. Obviously you have never had a job being a public servant. if you took a picture at the mall I wouldn’t want my children to “accidentaly” get in it and be published somehere…Ever think of THAT reason?! There are more reasons for the rules then you realize.

    • @jane anderson: Jane, perhaps your children have more to worry about from bad “security guards” than showing up in the background of a random photo.
      BTW, are you sure no child molester has taken their photo? Have you gone to the park with them? The local pool? Maybe you have not gone with them to these places?
      I have turned in pedophiles that were doing this in the Milwaukee area (although not at this mall). It is hard to do, as there is no law from taking photos in public, even of other people’s children. You would be surprised to know what is going on in your community. Remember, many pedophiles pose as authority figures or are authority figures and a security guard may not have as clean a background as you think. *Note, I am not suggesting anything about the security guard in this post, he was just rude to a tourist – me. A bad way to run a shopping mall.
      BTW-my photo would not have been much different than Google’s Street View

  4. I agree with this article. I don’t like it when people hassle you int heir stores, flocking to see if you need assistance, almost drowning you with talk or like you said getting on your case for silly things. Once my friends and I were in a store trying on hats and we took pictures of us with some hats on and the owner got ticked off at us for doing that. ridiculous.

  5. You are not alone.

    I had been photographing the construction at Bayshore Mall both off and on premise. I knew it was a matter of time before security would ask me what I was doing. When approached, I told him that as a Glendale resident, I was documenting the progress. He told me that I needed permission to do so. I called and emailed both the construction project manager and the Bayshore marketing department – neither would return the calls or emails.

    It is private property and they are protecting their property with the policy of no pictures. What irked me was being ignored by the management – not the security officer, he was doing his job. Funny thing is that during the summertime when the children are playing in the fountain, the parents are taking all kinds of pictures.

    Private property has it’s protection under the copyright laws – the only exception is when photographs are taken from public streets – the copyright law protects photographers as long as the private property is in public view and that the image is not used for advertising a product.

  6. As a PS…

    As a result of my experience, I ignore Bayshore as much as possible. Did you ever navigate those streets? I only use the bank, the Apple Store – Boston Store and Kohls because they have perimeter access and were there before the reconstruction. I will even go out of the way to eat at the Cheesecake Factory at Mayfair rather than at Bayshore. How’s that for being vindictive.


  7. Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago and am a Bears fan, but I’m somehow not surprised about their actions. Traveling to Wisconsin is a nightmare, and so are their people. You would think that people who in the Midwest, who are notorious for being “friendly” would work a little harder to maintain such a notion. I hope you contacted the office about their lack of service!

  8. C’mon now – those are not very friendly comments. The mall owners are from Dallas, New York and Ohio. See
    all out-of state. The only other interest is the City of Glendale, WI as you can see in the referenced article.

  9. What a frustrating story! I too often feel as if our public freedoms are being taken away by the minute. We should be able to take a picture from anywhere outside, in the public domain, of whatever we please. Don’t make it visible to the public sector if it is not something that we are free to capture in a picture.

  10. Wow. I see a challenge. I will make sure to bring a camera every time I go to Bayshore for tourist purposes.
    But really, give the Rent-a cop a break. Have you seen any of them pass IQ tests past 2 digits?
    And calling “It” “an officer”- an insult on any uniformed force!
    Sorry about your bad experience.
    One other reason to go shopping at a free-standing small local business.
    We don’t have to pay high mall rent to cover Admiral Dumbo’s paycheck and you will get more
    value for your money.

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