Are Rumors of Google Sending Bad Adsense Checks True?

Several Weeks ago there were rumors about a bad Adsense check being sent to a publisher.

Today, at the Adsense blog, Google seems to be telling publishers not to cash those checks too quick. I could not pass up a headline to go with the following post.

After counting the days till your AdSense check arrives in the mail, you might plan to sprint straight to the bank. But before you try to achieve a land speed record getting to your local financial institution, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Bank on it?
Because bank policies vary throughout the world, we can’t say whether a specific bank will be able to accept your AdSense checks. Since all AdSense checks are issued by Citibank, a correspondent relationship between your bank and Citibank is required to process our US Dollar checks. We recommend that you check with your bank to find out if this relationship exists.

Source: Inside AdSense: Check up on it

I do not think Google in any financial trouble – at least not that I have heard of.

They seem to have taken the same attitude that many large corporations do with smaller companies and individuals. They pay you when and how they want. They seem to be taking extra long sending me my last check. Doesn’t really matter to me either.

where is the money I am somewhat taking this out of context, but…

Are the companies you are relying on for you income making you wait for the money you earned? Do they make you jump through hoops to get paid? Do they seem do put off your check or payment a little long once in a while? Maybe an extra day once in a while?

That is definitely something you need to worry about!

You deserve to be paid on time at the time they agreed to pay you, for the work you do. Late payments are a sign of a company that may be going out of business soon. It could be a sign that they are stiffing you out of the interest that you would get if you had the money on time. Also, are you really getting the money, or did they decide to pay you in merchandise or something other than a check you can get real cash for?

There are some companies out there that do this.

There are some home-based businesses that like to give bonuses in merchandise instead of cash. There are some online business that pay in forms that are useless as payment. Sometimes, you can only use the money you are supposed to get to by more of the same product you are selling. Not a great deal if you want to make a living at it. Some candles are edible, but that does not mean candles are a meal replacement.

If you are looking at a business, these are some things that can be easy to overlook.

Pay attention, find out where the money is.