Book review: Winning Results with Google Adwords

Author: Andrew Goodman

Winning Results with Google AdWords

Winning Results with Google Adwords is an in depth view of using Google Adwords as a major  marketing campaign.

While the book concentrates nearly completely on Google Adwords, most of the techniques and suggestions should work for Overture, MSN, and any other pay-per-click advertising program.

Winning Results with Google Adwords is not just about placing an ad in Google Adwords.


It is about creating an online marketing campaign with Adwords. Andrew Goodman spends a good part of the book describing the proper way to run any advertising campaign. It is just that in Winning Results with Google Adwords, Goodman shows how to do this with Google Adwords.

Andrew Goodman starts out with a good run down of the history of pay-per-click advertising.

He explains why Google Adwords has become such a major choice over its competitors. I really enjoyed Goodman’s very brief insight into Google’s culture. In Winning Results with Google Adwords you will find out who Google considers the customer and why it is important for you to consider this when you plan an Adword Campaign.

Andrew Goodman gives us an entire chapter on keywords.

He will tell you how to use Google’s keyword tool and how to find unused keywords. He will point out variations to check, that may prove useful and cost less.

What I like most about Winning Results with Google Adwords was the emphasis on testing everything.

 Andrew Goodman points out the importance of  testing your ads and tracking the results. You will find out how to use landing pages to track the results of your Google Adword campaign. Goodman lists 5 common errors about landing pages that once you know about could help you increase conversion.

Winning Results with Google Adwords is not aimed at affiliate Adword advertisers.

Andrew Goodman talks about this out in the book. Although much of the book would help, Goodman points out that many times you do not have the ability to do detailed tracking of the kind he would suggest. He is very much concerned that the return on investment for an Adword campaign be tracked. If you are looking at a Google Cash type of Adword business, you may want to read this book to get an idea of the pitfalls you will need be aware of. He is aiming more at selling your own product or service with an Adword campaign.

A major point of this book is the ability to track your advertising in a detail not really possible with many other types of advertising. Goodman points out the many advantages an Adword campaign have in targeting a specific market and tracking its effectiveness.

If you follow Andrew Goodman’s suggestions in Winning Results with Google Adwords you should have a very effective advertising campaign that you can continue improve on using his methods of testing and tracking.

I would recommend reading this book before you start any Google Adword campaign because it could save you money. It could also help you earn more money with your Adword campaign. I wish I had read it earlier.

Andrew Goodman also has an ebook available at Page Zer0 Media, his consulting firm.

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