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  1. I am a little biased as per my post with Blogcatalog though I have just become a major fan of one aspect of Google Friend connect I didn’t realise existed.

    On Facebook you have Network Blogs plus fan fages which offer an alternative, plus you need to think about what action you really want people to take on your blog

    • @Andy Beard: First, thanks for taking the time to comment here. It’s an honor.
      I don’t think that make you biased at all. In fact, it gives you a better way to judge what advantages one has over the other.
      I will work on using BlogCatalog a bit more. I admit I have not given it much thought.
      Now I am dying to know what you discovered on Google Friend Connect. 🙂

  2. To vote in the poll I had to first of all join your community on GFC, which then automatically gives you one more RSS reader.

    Admittedly I rarely log into Google Reader at all any more and RSS readers are not as useful as email subscribers
    It is both a barrier for people resonding but a benefit in gaining a response and maybe a first step in a sales funnel, maybe more so than some other poll methods.

    • @Andy Beard: That was something I noticed as I looked over Friend Connect. Plus the newsletter option looks useful.
      Still, I think I would rather have the emails in my own list rather than potentially lose it at the whim of Google.

  3. I’m very much a facebook fan page with integrated NetworkedBlogs. MyBlogLog lost me a long while ago and Blog Catalogue only every got 75% of the way there for me. I think it is still wide open for something that takes the best of what we can learn from MyBlogLog, Facebook and others and adds some whole new level to it. The answer has not yet been written, as they say.

    • @Lord Matt: I still need to look seriously at Facebook. I just hate everything to do with the Facebook interface. With everything I do with computers and websites I’d think I would have it mastered by now, but no.


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