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  1. Long posts are okay but can be boring. If you put photos to in a post it gets more “readable”
    For marketing reasons shorter posts are also better – you can focus on 1 or two problems and it will be easier to find it online.

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  3. i prefer short post and articles but they must be informative.
    why i like short posts? because u get fast all important infortmations and dont need to read a long text for the same sens.

  4. Most users like short post i think, why? because they get all important infortmations fast and dont need to read an half hour for one text. in an short text u can get the same infortmations like in an long one.

  5. I like your posts and enjoy reading them so for me the longer the better. On most blogs however long posts are usualy boring because people just start repeating themselves and talk about unrelated stuff.

  6. To be quite honest, it depends on the topic, however, think of it from a reader’s perspective, most likely they are looking to find as much information as they can. As long as the post is on target, the readers will enjoy your website and stay longer 🙂

    My vote is long posts.

    Till then,


    Bratwurst Recipess last blog post..Sausage and egg casserole

  7. I think it depends on the post, if you write long posts it captures and audience that is detail oriented. However most of us skim, so the firt paragraph is the most important to get their attention. I like the length today.

  8. I’ve been accused of this before. After cutting down my readership did increase. Its a tough one to keep to though as you find yourself wanting to write more and more.

  9. Personally I feel like long copy is the way to go, it pleases both sides of spectrum. Because… people who prefer short copy are likely to skin anyways, since they are in such a hurry. And plus.. the more information you can provide the better it is.

  10. I think the posts should be long enough to catch the idea of blogging 🙂 In other words: blogs ment to be long. Every blog author should write the way she/he like it. It’s their expression that is here important so if they wan’t to make it long – let them! But if You want to make it short… it’s also ok 🙂

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