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  1. I am wondering is your blog hosted on a shared server? Usefully shared servers are more likely to catch viruses. But then again… a friend of mine caught a virus on his dedicated server, so I guess it can happen to any server.

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  2. Lucky me, im using firefox with noscript plugin enabled. Any malicious scripts running are halted right away.


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  3. Wow, I hate this, some time ago firefox users were safe from most hacks, cos hackers were targetting IE only, now even we have to fear :/

    I don’y think that using noscript is any help, at the end of the day you need it for some websites.

  4. Ouch 🙁 It’s a shame that people out there like to hack other websites. I guess some people don’t see it as a problem, but in my opinion it is just like stealing or robbing a store in real life or doing something bad.


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