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  1. Thanks for the post. Smart phone helps you to always keep connect with Internet, you can chat, browse and many other things. Yes there is few draw back like small screen,battery backup,small key board,even the browser is also not supportive.

  2. Smart Phones maybe a smart choice for those who want luxury and easy life. The problem with these Phones are that they are bulky and doesn’t give you much comfort when you put inside your pants.

    Some third world countries doesn’t have the money to buy these type of Phones and for them it doesn’t make sense to buy one.

    But if you want a fast life, you can buy a Smart Phone, browse the internet, search Google and many more…

    I made a Smart Choice…. I have an Omnia i900 by Samsung.
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  3. i am really fond of using phone .. thanks for the great review .this smart phone has got all the options ..really easy to use .. i am gonna purchase this phone Soon .. because its really a smart phone and now you got copy paste option on it too .. this is an excellent piece of information really …

  4. I agree with you…a smart phone is definitely a smart choice. I got the Blackberry curve a few months ago, and It has definitely made my life easier. Not only is there constant internet access but their are countless applications that are easily accessible and very functional, such as the Pandora, Google Maps, and Facebook applications, just to name a few.

  5. Hay thanks for the post, Now the time came when smart phones hit the high on sky with low price. Now smart phones are available with low cost. Yes smart phones is he right choice specially for those who all love to busy with internet.

  6. Hey!

    It’s my favorite choice in phones as Smart phone a Smart choice so….its a very slim and good feature in smart phone…and thanks for the information….

  7. Smart phones are indeed a smart choice as they mix up multimedia with business features. I’ve had the honor of having Nokia phones as my choice of smart phone handsets for the past few years. The N Series are the only ones with the current and best Symbian OS. Phones like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, BenQ, Siemens, and a few select others also offer Smart phones but I would prefer to choose Nokia because of its user friendly interface.

  8. If you ask me iPhone – 4, I must say it is smart choice now. Except it is costly, it has tons of functions to offer. I otherwise, never prefer mobiles with qwerty keywords provided separately. Looks ugly to me.

    Own an iPhone 3G and never felt it is a bad choice. Life is hard without it 😉

  9. I am using iPhone – 4, and it is not just cell phone for me.It is very useful and informative. I can access internet easily any time at any place and can stay in touch with my friends.I am enjoying my iPhone very much.
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  10. I just got my first smartphone, which is a Samsung, and I can honestly say I don’t use the features as much as I thought I would. It was a good price, so I can’t complain, but now I feel a little silly for making the purchase. My problem is with the battery, because it seems to die so quickly! You would think the companies would make the batteries last longer the more they develop technology.

  11. Well, it could be a smart choice today. Maybe tomorrow there will be a new gadget again and you can overcome your smart phone .. But I think I need this!

  12. If you ask me, I would deffintly choose an iPhone 4S over any other Smartphone. The Apple phone is nicer designed. It has App Store with tons of applications and much more. I love smartphone and all the opportunities they bring!

  13. The best thing about smart phone is, you are never out of touch – you can connect to the internet for e-mail and web access ‘on the move’, or connect to your computer network to access relevant data, wherever you are, making it easier for remote workers, or a mobile workforce to stay in touch with the business.

  14. I feel buying a smart phone is a smart choice because; smartphone is a multi-purpose personal digital assistant (PDA). Using the powerful built-in processor and memory, smartphones come equipped with an address book, calendar, calculator, note pad, voice recorder, and many other features to keep your personal and professional life running smoothly.

  15. Using smartphone is a smart choice. You can easily touch the world by simply touching it. I recently using blackberry and it is very useful for me; to check my emails, get easily in touch with my friends through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and have Google. It’s good to have one!
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  16. I think Smart Phone is smart choice because its best medium which brought technology in our life. And its become most important thing in every body’s life. As per my review Smart Phone is working like a magic which complete all the task either business or personal very fast. You choose right topic for write post. Thanks for this post.


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