Is a Smart Phone a Smart Choice?

The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Android, Palm Pre, and the others. Smart phones. They are becoming increasingly common. Are they a good choice for you?
A few months ago, I finally got a Blackberry. For me, I think the only bad choice was waiting too long. I feel maybe I should have gotten an iPhone when it came out.
The convenience of near constant internet access is some thing that I truly appreciate. Being able to get news or do a Google search whenever I want has many advantages. I can keep up with my email. I can Twitter and for the first time my Facebook profile doesn’t look neglected. I have something to do while my wife is shopping :)
For many people, a smartphone could be a replacement for a computer. I think a smart phone could probably handle most of what many people use a computer for with the added convenience of always being with you and always being connected to the internet.
SmarYou can post to your blog from a Blackberry Curve Smartphonrtphones do have a few disadvantages. Small screens make it difficult for those with not so good eyesight. Small keyboards make typing tedious. Batteries can also be a limiting factor. Even the iPhone’s Safari browser is not quite as good as a full browser. In time, these limitaions will be overcome.

If you are a heavy internet user and you, like me, have put off a smartphone, it’s getting to be time to jump in. No, it’s not going to replace a real computer for a heavy user but it does offer a convenient alternative to hauling a laptop around just in case you want internet access.
Can a smartphone be effetive for a blogger or internet marketer? This entire post was written on a Blackberry. The accompanying photos were taken with the phone also. While I will probably edit a bit later on, it’s not a bad way to use some time that would otherwise be wasted.

Of course, what I would really like is an iPhone or even better, the new Google phone.