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  1. yeh i dont know it seems very similar to many things running on the net but i think the popularity stems from the fact that it is the anti face book and seemingly there is more value in short conversation and shouts then big designed pages that people get to and say now what?…i for example liked facebook and myspace and friendster etc but those things reached a point where they changed and all became one in the same. twitter on the other hand allows for comedic and philosophical and networking banter shouts out to tons of people from one site that will actually listen to what im saying unlike the facebook where people ignore my profile because other people have explosive profiles…thats just my opinion though i dont know what im talking about and i agree with your blog post

  2. Since it is a social networking site I tried to understand it from that angle. And then it made sense. For me Twitter means staying in touch with the pulse of what is happening on the Web. Is answers the questions “Dude, where’s the party?” ( metaphorically ) speaking.

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