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Can you develop your blog with MyBlogLog?

I saw the avatars for MyBlogLog for weeks (months?) on several blogs I frequent.

Now, if you do not know what MyBlogLog is, you may be thinking some similar things as I was when I saw it.

  • Why would I want my photo (or avatar) on someone else’s blog?
  • It looks like another plugin I’ll have to figure out.
  • I do not like my picture and do not want to show it anyway.
  • Why would I want someone else’s avatar on my blog?
  • Looks like a waste of time.
  • I’m not really into chatting and being social.
  • How do I get my picture on this blog like those people?

I have a bad habit of dismissing things I do not understand.

Do you? I also am a bit leery of socializing online – I type way too slow to carry on much of a conversation with instant messaging.

What have I discovered about MyBlogLog? This has been one of the most interesting things I have done in the way of promoting this blog. If you are starting a blog, this is a method you should really look into.

First, what is MyBlogLog?

 It is a blog community. It is also a bit hidden from the casual viewer to a blog. On a blog that is a member of MyBlogLog, you usually (but not always) see a widget with the avatars of the latest visitors that are members of MyBlogLog showing. There is more behind it though.

Click on the View Reader Community link at the bottom of the avatars and you will see a page that shows other bloggers that are part of that blogs community with a highlighted list of the latest members. Members can also leave a short text message about the blog here. You can click on the blogs author to see if the author has any other blogs in MyBlogLog. On the authors page you will also see the blog communities the author has joined.

How can it help you develop a blog?

Ever left a comment on a blog and never heard found it again? Whenever I see a blog I find interesting with a MyBlogLog community I always try to make a comment on the community page or author’s page. I also join the community. The blog author now has an easy way to find out who left the comment and can pay a return visit if they like. This really increases the chance they will visit. Your avatar is also on their blog for a bit as well as well as on the community page.

This method also works very well coupled with Blog Explosion.

Blog Explosion is a great way to view a lot of different blogs, but you do not see the URL of any blogs you visit so it is not easy to come back and visit when you find an interesting one. When you find an interesting blog that is also a member of MyBlogLog, it is easy to join the community and visit again later. Again, comments will also bring many of them to your blog.

Some people join every community they can, up to the daily limit. While I have hit the limit, I try to keep it to blogs I have an interest in. I use it like a bookmark. I know where to look when I want to find an interesting site.

I have been using MyBlogLog for about a month now.

Along with more frequent posts, I have seen a huge difference in traffic. My Alexa rank is about a third of what it was a month ago. I also now have comments. Regular comments were something that I had very few of before MyBlogLog. I have even been tagged for a couple memes through MyBlogLog. They also provide some limited stats for your blog free-with better stats for a small fee.

The best part of it is how much fun I have had.

I have visited some fantastic blogs and had some of those bloggers visit back. I would like to think I have even started to form some blogging friends this way. Some of the private comments I have gotten on my community page have really been an encouragement. As much as the desire and maybe need to make money online or blogging, meeting some of my readers and other bloggers at least this way, is even more motivational. It has been addicting.

MyBlogLog is not perfect.

It has a little bit of spam. The bloggers who comment on the community page without visiting the blog. I wonder if these idiots realize you can tell they have not been to the blog (they often say how nice it is also). There is a comment or message daily limit. While this is an attempt to stop the spam, I can see where it would really be an inconvenience in legitimate use. I think there needs to be a better method. Also, some avatars that are used are not appropriate and most often not even relative to the blog it represents. I have avoided visiting some blogs because of stupid avatars.

If you are not using MyBlogLog give it a try.

The widget is easy to install (I put it in text widget here in WordPress). You can use an avatar if you do not like your own photo. You will find it can really give your blog a boost. Even more fun, you may develop some blog friends. Which is what I think is becoming more important to me.