How Effective Is Blogging Zoom And StumbleUpon? Take A Look!

Monday was the biggest traffic day this blog has ever seen.

Take a look at the Google Analytics Graph for my traffic over the past few days.


The first bump is what happened when I first started to use Blogging Zoom.

*Update-Blogging Zoom is dead while the domain is now used for something else.*

That last part is Monday.

While I have been adding a reader now and then over the past few weeks it has been very slow growth. I have seen a few traffic bursts from posts that were linked on other blogs.

This is the first time I have had traffic on this scale.

A large part of the traffic came from StumbleUpon with nearly all the rest from Blogging Zoom.

I think the Stumbles also were triggered directly or indirectly from Blogging Zoom. I occasionally get a few Stumbles but never anything like this.

I should also point out that I have only recently put Google Analytics on this site.

I have been using other stats until now. While they were not as accurate or precise and Analytics, I am sure that there has never been traffic close to this on this blog before.

This has been quality traffic as well.

Some have said that StumbleUpon traffic just clicks away. Take a look at the visitor performance from Analytics.


  • 293 Unique Visitors
  • 684 Pageviews
  • 2.29 Pageviews per viewer
  • Over 1 minute time on site
  • A bounce rate under 30%

Not only did they visit, they looked at more than 1 page and stayed to read.

The bounce rate is lower than most of the Google searches that I get.

This is very good quality traffic.

I am looking forward to seeing what Blogging Zoom is going to be capable of in the future.

It is just getting started. If you are not using Blogging Zoom, sign up now. If not for yourself, to help other bloggers.

One last point about StumbleUpon.

I have made it a new rule not to Stumble my own pages. I’ll leave that to others. I also try to find other post to Zoom and Stumble. I am finding the more you give, the more you get.

Of course, if you like this post please Zoom and Stumble it. :)

What have your results been with social networking sites like Blogging Zoom and StumbleUpon? Any others you find easy to use?