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  1. You’ve hit on a key point here. I sometimes wonder where to draw the line with hitting the spam button on my blog. People new to blogging might not realize that their “great post” comment looks suspiciously like spam. Real (and much appreciated) comments add value to what was written. I love your #1 tip – Read the Post!

    By the way, I’ve never heard of the KeywordLuv plugin before. How’s that working for you?

    • @Shari from Link Building Tips: I really like the Keyword Luv and Comment Luv plugins. I had them off the site for a while (related to problems with my old host). I have mixed feelings for the top commenter plugin and I’m not sure if it will stay but I really like these other two. I think something like them could be a built in feature for WordPress or built in option.
      I just approved a comment on another post that I am still not real sure about. It seems legitimate, but doesn’t really hit what the post was about.
      One thing when I am really not sure about a comment is to mark it not spam and then delete it. If it was a legitimate comment, at least I’m not going to get someone marked as a spammer just for a poorly done comment or my misjudgment. Others, I have no problem hitting the spam button and not guilty feelings.

  2. I always love to comment on other blogs especially if i really love the posts. Commenting on other blogs not only helps good bloggers get backlinks thru commentLuv but also want to share some ideas and opinions to the posts. I think all of us hate spammers who’s intention is to create a spam comments and not really contribute or gives relevant comment on the post just for the sake of links. Thanks for your posts appreciate it.
    .-= Gabby´s last blog ..Pacquiao: 7-wk training enough for Clottey bout =-.

  3. Excellent tips and advice thanks, as a newcomer to blogging I’ll be taking note of what you say and putting it into action when compliling comments.
    I lookl forward to learning more from your posts.

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