5 Reasons I Am Still Using BlogRush

This is probably not the post you think-pay attention.

There are five reasons I am keeping the BlogRush widget on this blog.

Now, this is not going to be the list of things that most might be looking for. I will not have a neatly paragraphed list of reasons why. In fact, I will be able to summarize it all in one subheading.


I have had BlogRush send 5 readers to this blog in the last week.

Yep, five. Some of you may be thinking that is terrible. A waste of space. A joke.

It sure is not the rush of traffic I am sure most envisioned.

It is much more than I really expected. I really did not expect any. By my figuring, the numbers where just not going to work at all for this blog.

This is not a high traffic blog – yet.

This blog does not generate that many views on BlogRush on other blogs. Five visitors is not a lot but it is still a positive flow. As far as I can tell, I have had only one reader leave here from BlogRush.  The odds of someone even seeing one of my views is small, especially when you realize that nearly everyone puts the widget at the bottom of the page.

While I cannot say it will continue working like it has, I will keep it up a bit longer.

It has been working for me. I still get more visitors from MyBlogLog, but it is working. It also does not take the time that MyBlogLog does and often, MyBlogLog members never visit the blog, just the community.

I also want to point out that the traffic stats I am using are different from BlogRush’s stats.

BlogRush is still developing their stats. In fact, I still have not been able to see what is supposed to be under the report tab at the BlogRush site. The stats I use are extremely conservative (I check the free MyBlogLog stats), so it is very likely there are more readers coming than my stats are showing. The last BlogRush visitor came from JohnCow.com.

Have you tried BlogRush?

What results have you gotten? Positive? Negative? Nothing? Let me and others know.

If not, you can get the BlogRush widget for your blog here. I recommend giving it a try and watching your stats to see if it works.

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