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  1. Unions are really a pain in the whatever. I have had the opportunity to work around union workers before. But never with them. I understand completely the reasons to want to be self employed. And am with you 100 percent.

  2. James – the best post I have read on any blog in a very long time. As a former Union member (wikipedia for GPMU) I know the heartache that strikes can cause.

    Thanks, Gary

  3. “If I haven’t made an enemy of you yet, just wait.”

    You won’t make an enemy of me writing all the stuff like that that I agree with. Unions had there purpose 60 years ago maybe but not now. I can fend for myself and I don’t want to rely on anyone else. Or be forced to rely on anyone else by being forced to join a union. Hell of a post!

  4. I worked at Patrick Cudahy a few years ago and my family was involved in the strike when I was younger as well. However, as a former employee, I find it incredibly difficult to believe the accusation you made at the end of your blog regarding the employee shaving. Whenever employees are in direct contact with product, there is work to be done and I guarantee that any supervisor would not have allowed anything like a razor to be brought into the production area. Also, quality assurance techs are always supervising production to insure everything in the area is sanitary. However, I do respect your feelings and the points you made on Unions. Good luck with your business.

  5. PCI it is true. My dad first saw it, and having been a foreman he could not believe it was going on either. I do think it would have been an isolated case. I don’t mind eating Patrick Cudahy products. I could not tell you the department it was in. I felt lost once inside.
    I have seen enough of businesses to know that most industries have their hidden secrets that would surprise most people outside of it. I have friends that worked at a bakery that refuse to eat donuts, for example.
    I think strikes are ugly for all involved. That was impressed on me at an even younger age, when a friend’s dad was getting $20 a week strike pay to support his family at another company. It also was a very long strike. They are just a power struggle.
    I worked at FedEx for a few weeks. I got a kick out of the union guy who would occasionally picket (third shift). FedEx paid more than UPS and nearly everyone was part time. The UPS strike did nothing for the average part time UPS worker either.
    In a perfect world, we would all be able to demonstrate our own worth and receive pay accordingly. Not going to happen anytime soon.

  6. Being self employed gives you more liberty to enjoy your work and whatever u do will be that whatever u thinked that’s why its nice to be self employed if you have some really good ideas.


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