Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-11

  • @jjx I read most of the books a while ago in reply to jjx #
  • What's the best way to integrate Twitter on your blog? #
  • Anyone have a favorite Twitter blog integration? Trying Twitter tools now but the Twitter stream does not seem to be updating. #
  • @davmac Was Openshot fairly easy to set up and use? Video looks good btw. in reply to davmac #
  • @DavidLJohnston Hoping I'll be not too near you on that beach when it happens. in reply to DavidLJohnston #
  • @edlau I think talking on the phone only makes the bad drivers more obvious. Good drivers don't talk when it will affect driving. in reply to edlau #
  • Trying Twitter Tools on my blog – this would be a test Tweet #
  • @sonnygill Are you sure it's not 3 ways educators are embracing socialism? Seems to be going that way. :) in reply to sonnygill #
  • It's odd when comment spam actually carries the the entire comment over several comments and used different names-Do they not think? #
  • Very glad the city is plowing away from the driveway this year. #
  • Finished shoveling and already a lot of snow where I started. #
  • We got (and still getting) a ton of snow today. Gonna have to shovel soon. #
  • A late New Year post -not about procrastinating #
  • New Google phone looks cool. Won't be getting another phone for a while though. #

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