This Is Not An Abandoned Blog!

It has been a while since I have managed to post much here and I just want to let everyone know that this website is not abandoned.

I have been extremely busy at my regular job. This is the busy season for high school senior photography and starting on the Christmas season for family photography. I believe in a few weeks things will calm a little and I will start posting a bit more regularly.

I also have several projects going and am trying to concentrate on the most profitable ones with my current limited time.

I’ll be letting you know how things are going with some of the new sites I have started.

Finally, I took an ill timed, but much needed vacation.

My wife and I took a week’s vacation and I had limited internet access that week. Taking the week off during the busy time at work also made everything even more rushed. Although I think I would have gone insane without the vacation.

Once again, I should be posting more regularly again in a few weeks.