The White House Nigerian Bomb Scam

The system is working perfectly.

Can you believe it? A man nearly blew up an airplane by carrying the explosive on his body. Only the failure of the detonator save the lives of those on board the plane. Can you believe how the White House was so quick to say the system worked?

Now of course, the White House is trying to correct what was said about the system working perfectly.

I realize that Janet Napolitano probably was talking about the system to warn other planes that something had happened. I wonder if they were told like we were that someone had tried to set off fireworks on a plane? Or were they told the truth? Either way, the system failed.

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This is not the first time Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab may have even tried to do this.

He tried to get a visa back in 2008. He was rejected because the school he was supposed to go to did not exist. One can only wonder how difficult it could be to name a school in the US that does exist.

So now the White House is asking questions.

How did he get a visa? How did he get on the plane? How can we blame Bush for this?

I am sure we will see some more security changes.

80 year old grandma’s will now be stripped searched. All babies with thick diapers will have smacked hard on the bottom. Any family of 7 or more not sitting in the same row will have all their luggage dumped and searched on all trips to Disney (if you have been to Orlando, tell me if you haven’t seen this happen).

That is, of course, unless you come from a Middle East country and have connections to al-Qaeda.

Apparently, if you are Islamic and look suspicious that is just fine with our government. It would be wrong for us to have any suspicion that you may not like us and wish us harm. If you have been to terrorist training camps, all the more reason to let you pass.

So, the rest of us will have to wait in lines and have our luggage triple checked (that is, if the airline has not made it too expensive to take any luggage with us). We will watch our own soldiers have to lace up their boots after the metal detector (on their way to fight in Afghanistan). We will stand on the footprints and raise our arms out like a chicken laying an egg.

But, the system is working perfectly. You may pass Mad Bomber.

What makes this whole story almost comical is that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father works for a Nigerian bank.

He also works with the Nigerian government. I don’t know about you, but I think he sent me an email that could make me millions. Why would you suspect his son?

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