The Most Important Post Ever

Till next week.

I promised to make an important announcement today. You’ll find it in this post. Unfortunately, I am not ready to make the full announcement I was planning. The announcement I’ll make today is truly the most important I’ve ever made on this blog, but the rest of the announcement will have to wait about a week till I am ready.

Four years ago today, I made the first post on this blog.

It’s been fun. I’ve made some blogging friends. I’ve had some impressive visitors who’ve left comments. I hope I’ve helped some other people along the way too.

I did a lot of things wrong when I started this blog.

It’s got that stupid .info domain name. I did not really know what I was going to do with this blog when I started it. It has sort of meandered around different topics and not had a clear message and theme. At least not as clear as it should be. It seems to get the most search engine traffic for the keywords hair salon in Pacific Mall, Toronto. Did I mention it has that stupid .info domain name?

After four years, it really has not gotten very far.

I have other sites that get far more traffic. I have other sites that make far more money. I can stumble a page on another site and bring more traffic there than any post on this site will get naturally. I get far more spam comments than real comments. It’s kinda sad, really.

So, the most important announcement ever on this blog (till next week) is:

I am giving up on Digital Key.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

I will soon no longer be promoting this site. I don’t expect to be making many posts in the future, although I may still make the occasional rant (without trying to criticize anyone in particular). I’ll probably make some feel good posts that I like to write, like the post before this : “I am not going to die here.”

For the most part, after the announcment next week, this blog will be dead.

Make sure you read that post, or you’ll miss something truly big.

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