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    • I may post here when I have something that will not be on topic with the new site. It will not be a priority at all though, so probably not too often.
      I’ve got way too much posting to do at the new site.

  1. I like the idea of looking at your categories and blogging the most about that – it’s good inspiration. I have been torn between the direction of what my newest site should be focused on and after reading this and a little steve palina yesterday, i think personal is how i want to go next.

  2. I think it is important to focus on what your passion is. This site is nice but if your heart and soul is into the other site, make sure you give 100% to that site to make it everything it can be.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to move onto a different subject to blog about. There is only so much you can say sometimes on a particular topic.

  4. Can we expect the new site to be updated on a regular basis, since your focus will be on that site instead of this one. Will there also be links and updates to your new page on this one?

  5. I share your disdain for local businesses having to shell out thousands just to have simple updates made to their site. Even worse are those that get taken by designers for thousands of dollars for websites that are never found. For those of us in the business of helping other businesses, it gets old being the ‘clean up operation’ for clients that have been taken. Best of luck on your new blog, I’ll check it out as I often have friends/associates that get hammered with malware/av issues and I’ll never claim to be the expert in that field.


  6. Two sites is a nice idea as long as you can keep the content on both relevant and fresh. I applaud you for taking on such a task and it should push both of your sites to be better. Best of luck!

  7. I love your blogs and really excited to find your content whenever you update it. Its always something I get to learn from your blogs and this is the thing which makes me come to this site again and again.

    • @Avery from Leviton: I will be try to make computer an internet related things (like blogging) easy for anyone to understand. While some things may just be easier to have someone else do, for a lot of things people just need to know how with simple instructions or know why they need to do it (have you upgraded Adobe Flash and Reader on your computer in the last month? Do you know why you need to make sure?).

  8. That is really nice stuff. You’re trying to make everybody tech savy by making them a computer friendly. Its a good deed but give a thought upon this that people who don’t know how to use PC how are they going to read this blog?

    • @Brent from Picture collage: My target audience is someone who just has enough computer know how to get email and Facebook – a combination that can really cause malware trouble. I have found that people like my mother (who fits the above description) are the rule more than the exception.
      If computers were cars, we would have lots of people who can drive very well, but with a large percentage that don’t really know how to fill the tank with gas. An even larger percentage would have no idea how to check the tire pressure or oil level. Carrying that analogy farther: there are a lot of people who would like to change their own oil or spark plugs but don’t know how.
      Of course, with computers and good instructions, I believe nearly anyone could even go out and build their own computer from scratch (try that with a car).
      Will I reach them, maybe. I know a thing or two about SEO. 🙂

  9. It looks like you already have a big start on it, with 3+ pages of content. I always enjoy starting a new site too, but it is easy to let it go too and requires a great deal of dedication.

    I like your car analogy and think it is pretty spot on too. Every-time I clean off the newest version of pay-ware(those viruses that take over your computer and try to sell you “virus” protection) , I make sure to tell them what the screens look like and how it almost always requires their interaction. So much of this type of stuff could be prevented if people simply understood their computer a little better.

    • @Roger from Debt Recovery Consultants: It would go faster if I could write shorter posts. Then there are the images. And then I am trying to do video. And then…anyway, working on another big post for this coming week.
      Don’t forget that pay-ware has lately been using the GUI from various legit anti-virus (at least the ones I have seen change the name).
      Thanks for visiting!

  10. Since I always wanted to know about wordpress, I hope the information would help me in understanding the concept in an effective manner.

    James i wish you luck
    best regards

  11. As I was starting blogging only thing that was in my mind was to earn cash and this is really bad. Do what you love and money will follow automatically. This is one valuable lesson that I have learned after blogging for over a year.

  12. I think the blog reflect alot of the work i am doing and will be doing in the next few weeks and have uploaded the blog page up instead. Thank you for taking the time and effort to offer your support and suggestions.
    sdmahesh06´s last blog post ..Sirsasana

  13. I would very much like to see you cover Windows desktop themes like BumpTop or EmergeDesktop. It would be great. Sometimes we can all take a break from malware and virus and make our Windows desktop look pretty. Kudos to your new blog! 😀
    Per@Tand Blekning´s last blog post ..Tandblekning Hemma

  14. Great idea!! More people (including myself) are starting up blogs and since the internet is growing with new users, this is a smart move. I just found this link after one year, so I’m anxious to check it out. Do you do anything with this blog now? (Other than using it as a channel to your new one)
    Renee@ Car Title Loans´s last blog post ..How to Start a Budget

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