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  1. Where this could really come into play for internet marketers is when you have to set up dedicated computers to do specific tasks all day (not as a server, though, which we all know can work great in Linux). Putting linux on an old machine and then letting it run could be just the ticket.

    P.S. Have you seen the news that Microsoft sales reps are going to license and support Red Hat Linux in China? It seems they have quickly given up licensing their own software since “licensing” expensive software is pretty foreign to the Chinese market.

  2. For the most part I agree, possible expection is trying to use Logitech Quick cam chat which even with all needed packages installed creates a garbage picture (which could be as much the mgr’s fault as the OS’s).

    Much better than SUSE 11.0 overall as I have tried SUSE once again after reading glowing reviews about it.

  3. @Louise Not only that, some distributions of Linux run ok on old hardware that could not run XP or Vista.

    @Robert I will soon be checking on the Quickcam, but have not gotten that far yet (I’ll have a post in a day or two covering why I’ve been mostly offline for the past week). If the problem is the chat software only, that will be just fine with me. I don’t care for the proprietary chat program (the other end of the conversation usually has a different brand). I am looking forward to seeing what Ubuntu can do with video.

    I admit I am still using XP a lot. It mostly a case of passwords and bookmarks not being in Linux yet. I am in love with Linux though and look forward to using it more and more.

  4. Linux is very useful for the affiliate marketing and it is most needs are covered. Just like your average user, a browser and office software are solve most needs. Thank you for giving thsi useful information.

    • @Chloe Taylor: Yes, but it is most often used for scanning files that might be used with Windows. Ubuntu is not a good climate for viruses so were there many targeting Linux (not even a fraction of that targeting Windows) it still is difficult for a virus to attack. There really are not too many credible threats if you are running Ubuntu, at least from malware.

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