I Totally Missed The Daylight Savings Time Change

This is not going to be the typical "I hate daylight savings time" post.

I simply was not aware Sunday was the day to move the clock forward an hour for daylight savings.

Not at all. You would think I would have heard about it. I was not the only one. At least my wife was as unaware as I was. She was however, the first of us two to notice that the clocks did not match.

I did not notice anyone mention that Sunday was Daylight Savings time on the Internet.

I admit, I saw some small mentions about it. Not enough to even make me notice. Most of the mentions I saw were casual and I mistook the comments to be about non-US localities.

I also do not watch the local news much. Hardly ever. I listen to a few talk radio programs for a few minutes while driving, but heard nothing last week about Daylights Savings Time.

I did not know till nearly 7:00pm Sunday night!

That is when my wife pointed out the clock was not the right time. That was when I noticed my computer said it was 8:00pm. At that time, my first thought was maybe my computer was wrong. I knew it had to be Daylight Savings Time when my phone also had the same time.

I guess I am just lucky I did not have any appointment on Sunday. I would have been late. Maybe I would have found out a bit earlier though. :)