Getting Control of Your Email

Are you emotionally attached to junk mail?

I recently decided I need to get control of my incoming email.

I have not been reading most of it anyway. In most cases the majority is from lists that I subscribed to. Not really spam email, stuff I originally ok’d for some reason. With 12 plus email accounts, it was overwhelming.

emailorspam.jpgOver the past couple weeks, I have been unsubscribing from nearly all the email lists I am on.

The fear of unsubscribing is that you may simply get put on another list or even more.

That may still be true of real spam. Like I said, most of the email monster I am seeking to destroy was my own creation. Internet marketing lists, affiliate lists, guru of the month lists, that sort of thing. Most of them are fairly well known. I am on a couple of lists from purchasing software. The trick is not to unsubscribe from those that you may need to keep for updated software.

I find it bit funny that some Internet marketers have found themselves into the spam or junk mail lists automatically.

In these cases, the Outlook junk list or my anti-virus has labeled it spam automatically. I make it a point not to mark something as spam unless it truly is. If you subscribe to a list, you have not right to mark it as spam (unless you unsubscribe and they still send to you, that is spam). That is just lazy and irresponsible. You are damaging some one’s business when you originally asked for the information.

The hassle is you have to unjunk or unspam mail in Outlook before you can use the unsubscribe link.

I have been a bit lazy to go through the process till now, but I felt it was time.

It was doing me no good to fear my inbox.

I did not read anything anyway because there was too much. It was overwhelming.

Even though I thought I had it under control, I still got two "mass control" emails.

I unsubscribed to those two lists right away. One was John Carpenter’s list. His list was fairly good at first. Once in a while he would send an email with useful hints and mention his GoogleCash. That changed when the his new system came out. I’m not entirely sure all the email about his new system came from him, but it seemed like it was overdone like most of the guru ebooks.

Right now, Perry Marshal is the only internet marketer list I am keeping.

I like the fact that he believes the email is something that should be paid send. Not that I want to pay for email, just that I know I will not get useless junk from him.

I have read that people actually have an emotional attachment to email lists they are subscribed to.

While this is very powerful if you are selling to a list, I wonder why. Why would someone continue to subscribe to a list that only tells them they need to buy stuff? Even if they have no plan to buy? I have had to ask myself the same question.

It is not like you cannot sign up again. I have no plan to buy anything anyway. Why stay on the list?

Now, if only I could figure out how to get all the real email spam hitting my Gmail accounts stopped.

At least Google’s spam filter usually works. I would say that many of them are near pornographic and would be bad to send to an account a child used. I would guess that the same spam is being sent to Gmail account used by anybody. It seems to hit all my Gmail accounts fairly evenly.

Are you emotionally attached to some email list you really have no reason to be on?

Is it because you think you will miss out on an offer? Or, are you like me and were just too lazy to unsubscribe.

As for me, I’m off the list.

I can read my email now.