About This Site and Me

Just a short note

My name is James Thoenes

I work full time as a professional photographer in a portrait studio. It is located in Cudahy, WI.
I was married last September 2005 to a wonderful girl who now happens to be my wife. :)

This Website is a chronicle and discussion as I develop Web sites and do Internet marketing.

While this site itself is one Website, the first niche Website I am working on is www.photographybyjet.com. Photographybyjet.com  is aiming to help people take better photos.

At digitalkeyto.info I hope to tell how I make decisions on various parts on the other Websites I develop. While I have degree in computer networking and did have CCNA certification I have not really had experience in developing Web sites. I hope it will be interesting to those who are already experts in the field. I hope I can show others even less experienced than me both the good and bad decisions I have made to help guide them.

The other part of this site is Internet marketing.

There are a lot of get rich quick ideas and schemes out there. The Internet has accelerated their creation. Yet, just because an idea is new, does not mean it is bad. I hope to explore some of the different ideas out there to generate an income. www.photographybyjet.com is one of those ideas. It is a niche site. Designed to deliver what I hope will be valuable content and generate an income.

I also want to discuss marketing in general. The more I study, the more similarities I find between online and offline marketing. I believe marketing will be an important part of any online business I want to try.

I have been interested in Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash system since I heard about it. I am thinking I may try it and tell how it works here. There are other ideas I may look into.

I am also going to be posting book reviews on books related to the subject this site is about.