Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

RT @foxnews: Hawaii sounds tsunami sirens urging residents to evacuate coasts, flee to higher ground # Weekend starting! Yipee! # Going to watch some … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

Yes! Buzz is updating both Twitter and Facebook for me. I think I may even turn off the Twitter to Buzz option. Now… # You can't reach me because AT&T and Blackberry are … [Read more...]

Is a Smart Phone a Smart Choice?

You can post to your blog from a Blackberry Curve Smartphonr The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Android, Palm Pre, and the others. Smart phones. They are becoming increasingly common. Are they a good … [Read more...]

Biggest Change To This Site Coming Next Month

On April 13, 2010 I will make the biggest announcement ever on this blog. Don't miss the post on April 13th. … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

Wondering if I can find a real powerful laptop without a built in optical drive. I think a USB optical would be better in long run # Using email to Buzz works. All I can do right now as there is no … [Read more...]

Google Buzz – A Hit or Miss?

You seem to either love Google Buzz or hate it. By now, nearly everyone has gotten the Buzz when they checked their Gmail. Some people love it. Others, hate it. Will Buzz be around next year? Or, … [Read more...]

What Does Your Image Say About Your Blog?

Your Avatar represents you and your blog. What does your image say about you and your blog? What does it say about your business? Do you even have one (a photo that is)? Believe it or not an … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

@copyblogger i think she did a good job at it too in reply to copyblogger # How can the website for the world's top motherboard maker be offline? # Amazing how many spam comments today-even on my … [Read more...]