Testing Google Friend Connect

You may notice the Google Friend Connect ¬†widget. I thought I would give this a try. It seems that MyBlogLog is slowly dying. That is a real shame, as I really like MyBlogLog and often check both the … [Read more...]

The White House Nigerian Bomb Scam

The system is working perfectly. Can you believe it? A man nearly blew up an airplane by carrying the explosive on his body. Only the failure of the detonator save the lives of those on board the … [Read more...]

Why Christmas Needs More Commercialization

I think Christmas needs more commercialization. If you read this blog, that might surprise you. If it doesn't, maybe you need to read it more. I do really think that more commercialization might help … [Read more...]

New Host

For the first time, this site has a new host. Frequent visitors will notice that the previous web hosting banner disappeared and was recently replaced by the HostGator banner. To be honest, the old … [Read more...]

Back Again!

It has been a long while since I have posted. It would be nice to say that there is a real good reason for not posting for so long. The truth is, there are some good … [Read more...]