Creating An Effective Small Business Website – Introduction

Creating An Effective Small Business Website - Introduction This is the start of a series that will take a small business owner through the steps of creating a website for marketing his … [Read more...]

How To Use Twitter To Make Money Online

Even those who just love Twitter admit they are not sure how it helps make money online. I think I have found a way Twitter can help you make money online! Twitter has become a major part of online … [Read more...]

Rewarding Commentators With Two Cool Comment Plugins

I have added two new plugins to my comment section! Comment Luv Keyword Luv I really appreciate those that take the time to comment on my posts. It lets me know if I am writing in a way that … [Read more...]

Opinions Wanted On Website Translation- Especially Non-English

I am thinking of dropping the language translation from this blog. If you can read other languages besides English please take a look at some of the translated versions of this blog using the flag … [Read more...]

Just Finished Some Blog Updates

I put them off too long. It is time to do some WordPress blog updating. I am not an early adopter unless there are serious security problems. In most cases, the Semiologic theme designers have a … [Read more...]

Your Small Business Does Not Need A Website

Your small business does not need a website! "What?" What is a blog about websites and making money online doing saying your brick and mortar small business does not need a … [Read more...]

My Favorite WordPress 2.6 Features

WordPress 2.6 has been recently released. While not a security release, you may want to download the new version right away anyways. There are some very cool new features. Some features WordPress … [Read more...]

The Pacific Mall Toronoto Plus Video

A second video blog about our vacation in Toronto The Pacific  Mall Toronto, Ontario One of my favorite places to go in Toronto is the Pacific Mall. It's just different. The Pacific Mall is … [Read more...]