Toronto Chinatown 2008

My first video blog! Chinatown Toronto and Chinatown Mall Mississauga Ontario. We decided to spend our first day in Toronto at Chinatown. We made a stop at the Chinatown Mall in Mississauga. This … [Read more...]

Off To Toronto

My wife and I are leaving in the next few minutes for Toronto, Ontario. We will be visiting family and doing the tourist thing. We will be spending some time in Chinatown as normal. I'll be sure to … [Read more...]

Escape From The Island

My continued story of an incredible week of events. The story thus far. Our hero (that would be me) and his wife are attempting to return home after a trip to Chicago's Chinatown. Upon exiting the … [Read more...]

I Was Marooned!

It was not on a deserted island but in a city just yards from the freeway! An hour and a half trip home from Chinatown in Chicago turned into much more than a 3 hour tour. I would not have believed … [Read more...]

Tornado Warning!

There is a tornado warning in my area. The storm will be hitting here in about 5 minutes. I'll let you know what happens-hopefully. Update! The warning is now cancelled. The heaviest part of the … [Read more...]

The Hidden Danger In Wi-Fi And Wireless And Devices

Scientific American had an article recently about a digital camera that helped catch its own thief. One extremely frightening point has been missed in the article and other posts I have read about … [Read more...]

This Is Not A Dangerous Website

Honest, this is not a bad .info scam site! AP has a story on the most dangerous domian name suffixes to visit. .info's along with .hk and .cn are amoung the domain suffixes that are most likely to … [Read more...]