Converting A Static Site To A Blog

I just converted my How To Take Better Photos site to WordPress. Originally, I created the site in Dreamweaver. It was a bit of a chore learning how to do it. Additionally, whenever I wanted to add … [Read more...]

Internet Marketers Group Writing Project | Internet Marketing | Make Money Online | Strategy | Services

Courtney Tuttle's fantastic idea is a great resource. It was a challenge to join Courtney Tuttle's Internet Marketers Group Writing project. This was a fantastic idea. I believe he has created an … [Read more...]

It Will Soon Be Easier To Make Changes To Your AdSense Ads

AdSense announced new features coming soon. You will soon not need to paste new AdSense code to do things like change color. Ever paste AdSense code into your site and discover it was the wrong … [Read more...]

The iPhone: Great Marketing or Antitrust

This is something I have been wondering since the iPhone was released. Is Apple's practice of only allowing iPhone use with AT&T against antitrust laws? I do not own an iPhone. I would like to, … [Read more...]

How To Get People To Support Your Cause

Or at least make it look like they do. I was already having "one of those" afternoons. I was going to make a few call before I left to pick my wife up at work. At that point, the world … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Bring My Sunglasses, I Hope It Rains

Are you sabotaging your success? The weather was supposed to be lousy today. It was supposed to be cold (in the 50's -Fahrenheit for you non-Americans). It was supposed to rain all day, maybe even a … [Read more...]

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools – And 5 Reasons Why You Should

Google has a very useful tool for you to use. To Use Google Webmaster Tools, First You Must Verify Your Site On the Google search page, click on the "Business Solutions" link. Next click … [Read more...]

Is There A Major Flaw In The New Google Video AdSense Ads?

I have not read anything about this yet. The New Google Video AdSense Ads Do Not Seem To Show With Firefox! For the first time in months, I have an AdSense ad running on a recent post on this blog. … [Read more...]

Finally, Spammers and Scammers Get Caught

It seems that some of the Nigerian email scammers have finally gotten caught. It is not easy to catch criminals when they commit the crime from another country. Now it is easy to scam people who are … [Read more...]

5 Reasons I Am Still Using BlogRush

This is probably not the post you think-pay attention. There are five reasons I am keeping the BlogRush widget on this blog. Now, this is not going to be the list of things that most might be … [Read more...]