If My Desktop Is A Reflection Of My Life, I Am In Trouble

Now I think I know what's wrong. Sean at Warrior Blog had a post about showing your desktop. You may want to take a look at his post before reading the rest of this one. Just make sure you come … [Read more...]

What Do You Need To Make Money From Adsense?

Google tells what you need to get approved for AdSense. Google says you don't need a Website! I got a kick out of the last sentence in the quote below. I have underlined it and bolded it for … [Read more...]

Google Announces New Gadget Adsense Ads

Not just mobile Adsense Google has a Adsense Ad for you. They are calling them Gadget Ads. To me they look just like the flash banners and ads you may find from an affiliate. You can read more at … [Read more...]

A Weekend Of Joy And Sorrow

Make sure you check out the video below Saturday was our 2 year anniversary for my wife and I My wife is everything a man could ask for in a wife and more. It is not easy to match the standard … [Read more...]

Should You Join In The BlogRush?

Is it the latest goldrush for bloggers? One of the hottest topics right now with bloggers is BlogRush but could there be a hidden danger?. At first, I ignored it much like Agloco. You may notice … [Read more...]

Blogrolls-Should You Have One?

Sharing link love the right way Google has a patent on their algorithm. Several months ago,  Darren at Problogger had a guest writer make a post that I had been waiting for someone to make. … [Read more...]

Time To Forget "The Good Old Days"

Fight for the future Remember the good old days? Maybe it was when you were very young. Memories of childhood and innocence. Maybe it was just a few years ago and your job or business was more … [Read more...]

Remember To Test Before Going "Live"

Windows Live Writer has an update On a whim, I decided to see if there was an update for Windows Live Writer I was surprised to learn that an update just came out a couple days ago. I downloaded the … [Read more...]

Three Important Things To Remember When A Client Costs You Money

It's all in how you let go I had one of the most annoying things happen with a client recently - the kind of thing that makes you want to scream. One of my full time businesses is a service … [Read more...]