Following In John Chow’s Footprints

Well, sort of. My wife and I are leaving for Toronto tonight. We'll be visiting family. Since my wife is Chinese, we will be visiting a lot of the Chinese communities in Toronto. She always … [Read more...]

Big Changes May Be Coming With Google Search

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Do Google Clarifications Cause More Confusion?

Sometimes I think Google splits hairs and that is where confusion starts - when they actually tell us things. Last week, Google had a clarification about another post by them on accidental … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online Or Just To Make A Living

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Money Making Blogs – Career Ramblings

3 Reasons You Should Check Out The Career Ramblings Blog  Not all blogs are necessarily about making money online. Career Ramblings is about Career Development. This is a great … [Read more...]

Google’s Tangled Web And Paid Links – Part 2

Should you become Google's stoolpigeon? Are paid links a real problem? In Part 1 of Google's Tangled Web I looked back (maybe too fondly) of the way the web worked before Adsense … [Read more...]

What A Tangled Web Google Weaved Trying Not To Deceive – Part One

Why Google wants tattletales on paid links. Why they are completely wrong. In the beginning, there were links. Hyperlinks, to be precise. Search engines that searched the Web for you did not provide … [Read more...]