MyBlogLog Train Blog Meme

Joining the MyBlogLog Train Coincidentally, after doing a post about some of the advantages of using MyBlogLog, I was tagged for the MyBlogLog train. I was tagged by Jane May from her personal … [Read more...]

How To Win Friends And Develop An Influential Blog – MyBlogLog

Can you develop your blog with MyBlogLog? I saw the avatars for MyBlogLog for weeks (months?) on several blogs I frequent. Now, if you do not know what MyBlogLog is, you may be thinking some similar … [Read more...]

Who Really Profits The Most From Comment Spam

The Root Of All Evil Lorelle had another of her posts about comment spam. As always, I suggest anyone interested in blogs or blogging read it as well as the rest of her WordPress site. It … [Read more...]

Why Do I Blog? is one year old today! I was tagged by Dwayne at Dwayne's Word on a meme. The Question is: Explain why you blog. With this blog having its first birthday, I cannot think of a … [Read more...]

Blog Apocalypse: It’s The End Of The Blog As We Know It

I feel fine. Blogging as we know it, is dead. Gone. Finished. Forever. Dead as a doornail (that's pretty dead). It's toast. Put a fork in it. So what do I have to share with you as my last … [Read more...]

How To Fail Miserably And Never Make Money On The Internet

Why many people will never succeed at life A comment on John Chow's blog revealed to me why some extremely talented people can fail so miserably and never make money on the Internet. In fact, people … [Read more...]

New Adsense Formats

Google is changing the look of Adsense ads. Google's new format for Adsense ads looks much cleaner thanthe old format. Although the actual ads are till the same the look is still … [Read more...]

New WordPress Updates !

 WordPress has annouced updates for both 2.1 and 2.0 series. These releases include fixes for several publicly known minor XSS issues, one major XML-RPC issue, and a proactive full sweep of the … [Read more...]

The Key To Successful Blogging And How To Make Money On The Internet

 Recently, Lorelle from Lorelle on WordPress did a guest post at Problogger. I have been reading Lorelle's posts at WordPress since I started blogging. All her posts are well written and and … [Read more...]

Money Making Blogs – Life Training Online

I think it is Zig zigglar that suggested that the way to get ahead is by helping others get what they want. Helping others seems to be what Erich at Life Training - Online is trying to do. His … [Read more...]