All For Christy

All For Christy I came across this story at Wickedfire. It was posted by a regular poster. Visit the site, read the whole story and see what you can do. I have cut and pasted a small part of the … [Read more...]

Too Much Spam

I give up! For a while anyways. I am turning off comments and trackbacks for a while. I have been getting trackbacks that Akismet is labeling spam which belong to good sites. I have been going … [Read more...]

Do You Know The Secret That Everyone Is Talking About?

Have You Watched The Secret? What does the book Chicken Soup for the Soul have to do with quantum physics?  The Secret. Opera is talking about The Secret. Larry King is talking about The … [Read more...]

A $7 Secret or the $77 Secret Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer

Almost as an answer to the $7 Secret report, one of the big buck gurus is introducing a $77 secret book. Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer is currently being released at $77.  We are told at … [Read more...]

The $7 Answer to the Big Bucks Internet Marketing Gurus

If you're interested in Internet marketing, no doubt you're on several of the Internet marketing guru's mailing lists.  Weekly, if not daily you're inundated with the latest big secret that only … [Read more...]