YouTube – Where the hell is Matt Harding dancing now? (2006)

I picked up this link at copyblogger. Great maketing idea for Stride gum. I just enjoy watching the video.   Where the Hell is Matt? There is another idea here somewhere. … [Read more...]

Adding Adsense Ads to a Semiologic Theme – Part One

How I add Google Adsense to the Semilogic Theme It is not difficult to ad Adsense ads to a WordPress Blog.  For those that are at ease modifying code and that understand PHP, this article is … [Read more...]

Ii just noticed that the Google desktop ad has change to a firefox ad

It is not even the original color.I was planning to post a review on the Google pack this week and still plan to. Maybe Google does not want to promote it anymore? … [Read more...]

How to Increase a Blog’s Page Views

Darren Rowse had an article on on increasing page views. I found it had several good ideas (most of his posts are good). One I think I will be adding is search to this blog. Look … [Read more...]

I am beginning a couple new sites this week

I have one new niche site and one site will be kind of a personal interest site. I will also continue to work on How to Take Better Photos. I have several other sites in the making. I will be … [Read more...]

Ideas for content

I am on SiteProNews's email list Today's email was on ideas for adding content to your site. I thought some of the ideas were unique and I suggest anyone trying to find content to create a site take … [Read more...]

My Experiences With The Semiologic Theme – What About The Semiologic Pro Theme?

I could not be more impressed with the Semiologic Theme I am using the Semiologic 4.0 (beta) theme by Denis de Bernardy on this blog This theme comes with several plugins and the author has … [Read more...]

Why you should read this blog

Setting goals in blogging that will make a successful blog Darren Rowse at has started another of his group blogging projects The theme for this one is blogging goals. As my … [Read more...]

Spam: I’ve heard about it – now I finally get a taste has finally hit the big time Akismet blocked the first spam to hit this blog. I have heard that there has been a bit extra spam going around lately. Anyway it was blocked by the … [Read more...]

My computer died

Yesterday I bought a new laptop. Today while I was transfering files to the new laptop, my old computer enexpectedly died. There was no warning. Just a few additional clicks from the hardrive (both … [Read more...]