Book Review:Why You Should Read Ten Ton Dreamweaver

Ten Ton Dreamweaver By Author: Geoff Blake Ten Ton Dreamweaver was a fun book to read. It is also very informative to someone that is just getting to know Dreamweaver. I wish I had read it before I … [Read more...]

My Seven Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

Darren Rowse at had a challenge this week His challenge was to other bloggers to join him in a blogging community project and post on the Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. I am … [Read more...]

So far, I think I am happy with the new look of the site

I chose to use the Semilogic theme This theme is made by Denis de Bernardy. He has it available at Semilogic . He also makes a large number of plugins and widgets for both Wordpress and his Semilogic … [Read more...]

Is the theme of this site effective?

I am thinking of changing this theme to a less graphic one While using Google to see if this site is linked anywhere, I noticed that some of the themes features end up showing up in the description … [Read more...]

Adsense Secrets I Just Found

In the last few days I just discovered a few adsense ideas that I am going to try Since my big first day of adsense revenue I have only had a very few clicks. I think I know a little bit about why. I … [Read more...]

Adsense and Overture (Yahoo Search Advertising) Start Project 2 Moving

I was getting a little bored with Nothing seemed to be happening. As of yesterday, Google still had not indexed it. I think the only people that the Adsense adds were in front … [Read more...]

Submitting a Google Sitemap

One of the suggestions Google makes to webmasters is to submit a sitemap to Google. I find, that if someone is going to be rating or grading something you make or do, following their advice is a good … [Read more...]

The (Almost) Most Important Decision to Make When You Start a Website:The Domain Name

Choosing a domain name may be the most important step in starting a new website I said maybe in the title of this post because there is the also the question of the subject the website is about. Most … [Read more...]

Book review: Winning Results with Google Adwords

Author: Andrew Goodman Winning Results with Google Adwords is an in depth view of using Google Adwords as a major  marketing campaign. While the book concentrates nearly completely on Google … [Read more...]

Is free email really free, and is it good if it is free?

I just finished listening to a fantastic marketing discussion with Perry Marshall and several other marketing leaders. It was a great chance to listen to what they have to say on many aspects of … [Read more...]